Mannings on the Move For Real

We've moved our blog and made it private. If you would like to follow our new blog (much better than this one, I promise you), then contact me or Kristin on Facebook or via email, or some other way and we'll give you the info. We hope to hear from you soon on our new and improved blog!

Oh, Kristin reminded me that you can leave a comment on this blog as well with your email address so that I can send you our new blog info. Either way.

Baby's Day the ZOO!

So, I'm not good at this blogging thing, as you all can see. I want to do better. I feel like there is so much I want to put on here. It's been a crazy busy, but fun, summer! I'm not going to try and recap our summer right now, but I might go back to the summer in future blog posts. On Labor Day, Chris, Taylor and I went to the Hogle Zoo! Andrea, Lexi, Kyleigh, Melissa, Halley and Josie went as well! We had a lot of fun and Taylor loved the giraffes. We had to get her a giraffe of her own! You can tell she is our first child. We also had a BBQ up the canyon at Timpanogos Park with Chris' family! They are so much fun! I love them so much. I will put up a picture of Taylor and her cousin Stacia playing at the park. Hopefully I will get better at blogging. Enjoy! The zoo! Taylor playing with her cousin Stacia!

Cute Baby

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Grandma and Grandpa Aaron had a baby-size sombrero that we thought would work perfectly for commemorating Cinco de Mayo. This picture is attempt-number two, as she screamed the first time Kristin tried to take a picture of her with the sombrero.

Taylor also had her two week appointment today, and would you believe it?! She weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz! If you recall, she was born at 6 lbs. 8 oz. so she did way more than maintain her birth weight! We were both so happy with her progress, and assuming that the blood tests come back fine, we have a healthy baby and couldn't ask for anything more.

And in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, here are some more pictures of Taylor!

Taylor with Grandma Manning (it doesn't feel weird to me to call my mom "Grandma Manning" because I never had a Grandma Manning

Taylor makes so many funny faces. This one is the stink eye.

Taylor and her older cousin (by three weeks), Stacia.

Pictures of Taylor

She has such a strong grip! She was really holding the balloon by herself! And after we took the picture, it was hard to get the balloon out of her hand!

I can't believe that Taylor will be two weeks old tomorrow! It's almost the same feeling that Kristin and I had two weeks after we were married. We commented that it felt like we had always been married, but at the same time, like it had just happened. Taylor's birth is still so fresh in my mind, but at the same time, she feels so familiar to us that it's hard to think of life without her.

She is definitely showing us her big personality. For a 13 day old, she is very strong and independent. She has a strong neck and grip and has even held her own bottle already! She is a little impatient, but for all those impatient moments, she is calm and very alert. We absolutely love having her in our home.

Next week, I hope to get up a photo blog about her, so you can see just how amazingly precious she is.